We invite you to embark on a culinary journey of the Indian Subcontinent and explore the many regional styles of cooking that India has to offer. From Tamil Nadu in the South to Delhi and Punjab in the North, from Goa and Kerala on the Western Coast to Hyderabad and Calcutta in Central and Eastern India, discover for yourself the hidden flavours and aromas of individually prepared dishes from these regions.

Under the guidance of Chef Sanjeev Singh we are pleased to offer an exciting menu which we really hope will elevate your tastebuds to a spiritual level. A talented and well travelled chef with an immense passion for Indian food, Sanjeev trained with the five star Oberoi Group in India and worked for them for several years before moving to the UK. Karma's menu is not only a showcase for regional Indian cooking, but also a showcase for Sanjeev's undoubted skills as a chef.

From the subtle spicing of Moghul influenced North Indian grills and kormas to the more fiery South Indian style of cooking using coconut, tamarind and chilli, Karma offers a menu to cater for all palates. With individual spicing and preparation each of our dishes displays unique tastes.

For seafood aficionados we have dishes from coastal Goa and the serene backwaters of Kerala. Our vegetarian selection is sourced from all over the Indian Subcontinent, try our Dal Makhni (Punjabi slow cooked lentils) or Poriyal (Keralan stir-fried vegetables).

Karma's wine list has been specially created to complement our food menu. Most wine gurus agree only carefully selected wines can be suitable partners for Indian cuisine. We have gone one step further and compiled a list which matches our style of cooking. With a strong New World bias, our whites are mainly fresh and aromatic, our reds are fruit driven and our ros├ęs are smooth and juicy. Having said all of the above, the most important aspect of matching food with wine is that "you're the boss"! We offer several wines by the glass, so please go ahead and experiment and let us know what you think.

Thank you for your time. Discover Karma. Elevate your tastebuds to a spiritual level. We hope you enjoy the experience.